My Etsy Shop was Featured!



I recently decided to open up an Etsy shop to hopefully sell some prints of my digital work. Recently, as in, just a few weeks ago. So when I got a message from Etsy telling me that my shop was being featured, I was quite surprised! The blog that is featuring me, along with a few other artists, is called TotusMel’s Wunderkammer. Taken from the site, it’s “A collection of curiosities discovered in the dark and wondrous corners of Etsy.” Pretty pumped, and it’s a very cool site to check out.

You should probably check out this awesome Etsy shop too. Its got some high quality prints from my most recent Heroes and Villains show!


Tea Party


This is what I imagine a tea party looks like to a little girl with all of her stuffed animals sitting around the table. As we can observe, the young girl is enjoying every minute of this social activity. Whereas the animals are… less than enthusiastic about about partaking in room temperature water and non-toasted bread slices.


Stumptown Mouse

Created this jittery mouse for a local coffee shop. Made me think of the many cups of joe I’ll be imbibing in the near future. I hear that babies tend to be the ones who tell you when you’ll be sleeping.


Burly Blue Jay

Flying is pretty low on his list of things to do. Especially since he can only waddle to get to where he’s going.



Grazing Goat

It’s not uncommon to be walking in downtown Portland and catch a glimpse of a pet goat in someones roof garden. Just to reassure everyone, Portlanders are in fact, keeping it weird.


Cuddling Elephants

I’m pretty sure the little blue elephant is purring… if elephants were able to purr that is.


Not-So Cranky Camel

The current heat wave across the U.S. seems to be making people restless and sticky. Mr. Camel thinks they’re wimps.


Passed-out Panda Bear

The result of a full belly of bamboo chutes and rice wine. Zzzzz…


Bumbling Bee

This bumble bee is ready for some karate action. He may not look intimidating, but his 3rd degree black belt begs to differ.


Cow Tipping

Ok, no one is really pushing him over, that would be mean. He does happen to be rolling over for whatever reason.