Learning to Lasso

Learning to Lasso


Online Art Show – Monster Mayhem


The art group that I’m in currently has an online gallery that you should check out! The theme of the show that’s up right now is Monster Mayhem. I’ll post some of my entries later this week.



Heroes and Villains



I’ve been getting ready for an art show the past few weeks, and it’s been a blast. The show is titled “Heroes and Villains,” so you can pretty much guess the subject matter for all of the pieces being entered. You probably recognize this scene from when I posted its’ progress a number of weeks ago. I decided to finish it up with the addition of Wolverine. The idea for this painting was very much influenced by the new Wolverine movie coming out which is based in Japan.

I wanted to try something new with the pieces I did for this art show. I decided to combine the two styles of art that i have the most fun with: concept landscapes and cute, chubby characters. I like how they came out, serious yet playful.

If you’re in the Rochester area, you should come out to the show on February 8th at Record Archives!


It’s a Magical World


It seems to be an established tradition, as of three years ago, for me to draw our Christmas cards that get sent out during the holidays. This year I was inspired by the comic Calvin & Hobbes, by Bill Watterson. I basically drew myself with my girls in the style of the comic with a watercolor scene from one of Watterson’s book covers.


Featured on Funsherpa!

Exciting news! My site has been featured on the blog for a sweet social site called Funsherpa. You’ve probably heard of it if you live in the Chicago area, but they’re rapidly expanding to other cities, checking out all the cool and fun things to do in each one. Check out my interview and blog feature HERE!

Oh, and the big-eyed yeti is mainly because it’s the animal that comes to mind when I think of  a Sherpa in the mountains.


Crafty Crab


Now that it’s October and Fall is in the air, time to break out the yarn and needles and get some scarves done. I’m more of a crochet man myself, but I don’t think crabs have enough dexterity to fiddle around with the hook.


Stumptown Mouse

Created this jittery mouse for a local coffee shop. Made me think of the many cups of joe I’ll be imbibing in the near future. I hear that babies tend to be the ones who tell you when you’ll be sleeping.


Burly Blue Jay

Flying is pretty low on his list of things to do. Especially since he can only waddle to get to where he’s going.



Grazing Goat

It’s not uncommon to be walking in downtown Portland and catch a glimpse of a pet goat in someones roof garden. Just to reassure everyone, Portlanders are in fact, keeping it weird.


Cuddling Elephants

I’m pretty sure the little blue elephant is purring… if elephants were able to purr that is.