Learning to Lasso

Learning to Lasso


Heroes and Villains



I’ve been getting ready for an art show the past few weeks, and it’s been a blast. The show is titled “Heroes and Villains,” so you can pretty much guess the subject matter for all of the pieces being entered. You probably recognize this scene from when I posted its’ progress a number of weeks ago. I decided to finish it up with the addition of Wolverine. The idea for this painting was very much influenced by the new Wolverine movie coming out which is based in Japan.

I wanted to try something new with the pieces I did for this art show. I decided to combine the two styles of art that i have the most fun with: concept landscapes and cute, chubby characters. I like how they came out, serious yet playful.

If you’re in the Rochester area, you should come out to the show on February 8th at Record Archives!


Full Moon Digital Painting Progress


Here’s another concept scene i’m currently working on for practice. I’ve got the sky and overall color scheme finished, so now it’s just time to do the rest of it! Details.. details..


Digital Concept Practice

Been doing some more concept scene studies based off of other works for practice. This particular scene is of a sunset in a Grecian forest.