Learning to Lasso

Learning to Lasso


Online Art Show – Monster Mayhem


The art group that I’m in currently has an online gallery that you should check out! The theme of the show that’s up right now is Monster Mayhem. I’ll post some of my entries later this week.



What Snow Storm?





Tonight is hopefully a big night! It’s the Heroes and Villains art show at Record Archives in Rochester, NY. There’s going to be tons of great talent and variety there, so definitely check it out between 6-9. Let’s just hope that this “historical” winter storm Nemo decides to procrastinate until later tonight.

Heroes and Villains will be featuring the talents of: Steve Resig (Me!), Joe Guy Allard, Shane Caryl, John Magnus Champlin, Cordell Cordaro, Randy Duncan, Adam Francey, Aaron Humby, Stephen Lindsay, John Perry, Mr. PRVT, Matt Roberts and Ryan




Galileo Galilei


I just started a series of digital paintings based on the most influential scientists in history. I wanted to create a more rough overall feel to the painting by keeping the sketchy under drawing and initial brush strokes. Here’s Galileo!