Tea Party


This is what I imagine a tea party looks like to a little girl with all of her stuffed animals sitting around the table. As we can observe, the young girl is enjoying every minute of this social activity. Whereas the animals are… less than enthusiastic about about partaking in room temperature water and non-toasted bread slices.


Digital Concept Practice

Been doing some more concept scene studies based off of other works for practice. This particular scene is of a sunset in a Grecian forest.


Featured on Funsherpa!

Exciting news! My site has been featured on the blog for a sweet social site called Funsherpa. You’ve probably heard of it if you live in the Chicago area, but they’re rapidly expanding to other cities, checking out all the cool and fun things to do in each one. Check out my interview and blog feature HERE!

Oh, and the big-eyed yeti is mainly because it’s the animal that comes to mind when I think of  a Sherpa in the mountains.


I’m a Little Robot, Short and Stout..


When I first heard of the term “Steampunk,” I thought it was something having to do with loud, obnoxious techno music that contained frequent audio clips taken from B-list sci-fi movies. Since this particular genre of music is not my cup o’ tea, I eventually forgot about the whole steampunk thing. That is, until we moved to Portland a year ago.

I’m pretty sure that anyone who has some idea of the unique cultures throughout the states has heard of Portland, Oregon. Home of hipsters, hippies, bumper stickers and excessive self-expression. And putting birds on things… On the topic of self-expression, there are (too) many daily events for people to gather in town and partake in goofy things. One of the most popular events was a Steampunk themed masquerade ball. Upon seeing fliers for this ball on every light post from the grocery store to my apartment, I decided to find out once and for all what Steampunk really was.

I was surprised to discover that Steampunk is actually a genre of science fiction that is typically reflected in the lifestyles of hardcore fans. No wonder it’s so popular in Portland. The part that I came to appreciate most about Steampunk is the creativity and unique artistic style involved in the creation of costumes and paintings. I even made a guide on how to make something “Steampunk.”

Step 1: Use warm colors (orange, yellow, brown)

Step 2: Take a normal, everyday object, and add gears, machine parts, pipes, valves, wires, etc. to make it look futuristic

Step 3: Add more gears, machine parts, pipes, valves, wires, etc. to make it look even more futuristic

As you can see from the digital painting, I did hold back on the excessive use of machine parts, but I did want make something that had a futuristic, yet old-fashioned feel to it. The result was a little robot made of copper standing in a workshop. 


Someday, buddy, things are gonna change…


Time for a little hiatus from the daily Fiverr routine. Don’t get me wrong, it’s tons of fun to make cute critters, but the time has come to work on some more visually gratifying subjects. I’ve been doodling around on a number of digital paintings to get some more pieces in the ol’ portfolio. Just finished up this one, and I’m pretty pleased with it.

This illustration is very much influenced by the stories of both Aladdin and Oliver Twist. A young orphan street rat and his little companion dream of a better life.



I’m pretty sure that anyone who has some version of a smart phone can agree that Apps are a necessity, specifically games. During tv commercials, taking brakes from work projects, waiting at the DMV, seriously, what did we used to do in any moment of free time before this technology? Oh yeah, usually it was something productive and self-improving… But Apps are just so addicting, entertaining and fun that they “help” me to forget all about my pre-gadget self. So the more Apps the better!

On that note, my most recent projects have still been mostly digital vector drawings. I’m still working on those fiverr gigs, but I’ve actually been working on a number of projects for iPhone games! I’m not exactly going to talk about the games, I’ll leave that to the development company themselves, but I will say that it has been TONS of fun and a great experience creating the graphics and animations. It was more of a challenge than I originally thought it would be mainly because the finished products are much smaller in size than what I’m looking at while working. Once I became used to it, the whole process went swimmingly. Which brings me to my next item, the underwater scene with the goober-eyed puffer fish. This drawing that I did is an intro or loading screen for one of the games. I can’t say much, but in this game, the player is controlling a puffer fish through perilous waters to some ultimate goal. (enlightenment?)

That’s it for now, I’ll definitely let people know what and when the games are due to arrive on the App shelves. Maybe I should get some yoga apps to try and offset my non-productive free time.


One Down… Two to Go

Before moving out to Portland, I had started a new series based on some old woodblock prints. It’s been a very slow process getting back into the swing of using paint and a canvas. Especially since I’ve been enjoying the whole digital side of things lately. No mess, no cleanup… no stains on the white carpet.

Anyways, here is one third of the finished product! Now that the first painting in the series is complete, I can move on to the other ones and hopefully get those completed in a couple months.

As an update, I’ve been working on the graphics and animations for a number of iPhone games! It’s a ton of fun to do, and I still don’t know how the games are made, but that’s what the developers are for. I’ll definitely make some announcements whenever they get released!



I’ve been messing around with some more digital painting during the last week, and I’m having way too much fun doing it. I drew a whole bunch of chubby round critters out of pencil a while ago, and I decided to turn them into cartoons. This is the result of my elephant.

The main reason why I started converting my drawings to digital is because I ran across the site It’s a really interesting site where people will do things for others for just $5. Some of the things, or should I say, the majority of the services provided are people willing to say anything you want them to or just to hold up signs of words you gave them. But there are definitely a few gigs that are very cool and worth the $5, they just take some looking around.

And with that, you should probably check out this quality gig i discovered where this swell guy draws cute chubby versions of animals or pets.


Enthusiasm Revisited

I’ve been doing a lot of exploring lately. Trying to figure out exactly what you want to do with the rest of your life can be quite difficult. I figured that I had already learned most of the techniques for fine arts, and getting access to new supplies is pricey. So I decided to finally give digital painting a try! I’ve had a digital pad for a while now and just recently installed Photoshop, what better time than the present?

I have tons of respect for conceptual artists and what they can accomplish. Having only worked with physical materials for my entire life, it was a huge change not being able to mix the paint or feel the canvas. But, I must say, the method of using layers is amazingly simple and very similar to how I paint. So with that aspect going for me, I am very pleased with my first attempt to paint digitally. I decided to paint the sketched portrait of the “enthusiastic” observer I did awhile back.


More Progress

So I’ve been working away at the new series, and this is how the first painting looks so far. More colors and layers, that’s usually the process. Still have more to go, I’m just at the point where I’m debating on adding in an “organic line,” similar to a number of my other pieces. I enjoy how white and untouched the center is, so I may leave it.

In talking with my brother the other day, I realized that the overall subject of the series is probably unknown to many people. Here’s an always-reliable internet source to fill you in: The Tragedy of Kesa Gozen