Yet Another Super-hero Movie

I have always been a huge fan of comics and graphic novels. But now that I think about it, I’m not sure if I’ve actually read through an entire comic. Most of my “reading” is done at Barnes & Noble and consists of skimming through the pages looking for cool scenes and drawings. It also consists of constantly looking over my shoulder to see if any employees are en route to my area to scold me.

I was also inspired by some fellow artists who I ran into at the local Drink and Draw in downtown Portland. It’s amazing to see the variety and talent of others in a figure drawing class when not constrained by standards and grades. This one fellow I met was a comic artist and I absolutely couldn’t get enough of his stuff. So I decided to give the graphic style a go and drew this Spider-man with pencil the other day.

On the topic of Spider-man; I went to see the new Planet of the Apes movie and saw a preview for the new Spider-man movie coming out. At first I was all pumped for another sequel, knowing that it had to be better than the last one… seeing as how it couldn’t possibly be worse. But as the preview commenced, I found out that they’re making an entirely new Spider-man movie!? Seriously? Am I that old already? I remember the new Spidey movie being pretty big back in high school. I guess they have to update the franchise for the next generation. Sigh… At least I still appreciate comics, so I’m young at heart. Or maybe immature.





It took a couple weeks, but we’re finally “completely” moved in to our new place in Portland, Oregon. It’s definitely going to be a long time until we do the whole cross-country thing again.

So I’ve quickly discovered that this city has a ton more to offer in the arts than Rochester did. I’m not trash-talking the Roc, but it helps that Portland’s a bigger city as well as the hipster capital of the world.

I also discovered the amazingness of the website, You can find other people in your community who want to get together and pretty much do anything you can think of. And if you can’t find that group of croquet enthusiasts, you can always make your own and hope others join.

This particular figure study was done at a drink n’ draw meet-up group at a pub in downtown. They have models come in and do poses for about two hours every Monday, with no fee! Well.. since it’s held in a place of business, it’s usually expected of you to at least get some strawberry cordial or some vittles. Can’t wait to find some more of these groups in town.




People Watching

So my wife and I usually take a weekly trip to Barnes & Noble to browse around. She always goes straight for the “how-to take over the business world” books, while I go directly to the comic and graphic novel section. I only read literature that contains 90% pictures… big colorful ones. As a result of this, I am usually finished with the new arrivals in twenty minutes and need something else to do. That’s why I always bring my sketchbook, and luckily there are tons of people to observe.

This particular fellow was on his way down the escalator, and seemed to be very perturbed about something. I thought he looked like Lazar Wolf  the butcher from Fiddler on the Roof. It was definitely the bushy caterpillar eyebrows.


What About Second Breakfast?

This sketch was inspired by yet another musical piece during the prelude of a church service a bit ago. I believe the song was, “This is my Father’s world” or something along those lines. My mind was transported to a scene from Lord of the Rings as soon as I heard the introduction of the song. Seriously, it sounded exactly like the song that accompanies Gandalf as he first rides through the Shire in the Fellowship of the Ring. Go listen to a sample of the hymn if you’re not convinced.

Mr. Oblie Wobbleton is this little Hobbits’ name, and he is on his way back from gleaning the fields to feed his goats. That is all.


School’s Out

This past year of being an Art teacher has been an amazing learning experience. What made it the most fun for me, was being able to create visuals for the art projects. It’s a rare find when you can doodle and make cartoons for a couple hours and then say “It’s for work… it must be done.”

Anyways, these goofy derp fish are actually a set of visuals i made for other teachers and therapists to use for themselves. I ended up giving away a bunch of my visuals and drawings to students this year as gifts, seeing as how none of them would leave me alone until they got something. Guess that means I’ll be forced to make more. Someone’s got to do it.


Miss Wormwood

This pen sketch is from a bit ago. I was subbing for some teacher and one of my lunch period assignments was lunch detention in the library. And there she was. The real-life incarnation of Spaceman Spiffs’ arch nemesis, Miss Wormwood. Needless to say, I greatly enjoyed drawing this lady’s profile as she glared over the troublemakers in detention.

For those that are unfamiliar with the previous reference, Miss Wormwood was the classroom teacher from the much-beloved comic from my childhood, Calvin & Hobbes, by Bill Watterson.


Sunday Scribbling

I consider myself to be a good listener. At least I prided myself as one throughout all of my school years and “riveting” lectures. My secret for being able to sit through almost anything and still walk out having benefited is… doodling. Yes, as long as I have something that writes and anything to write on, I can doodle away the time and still listen intently. I’m guessing it’s a learned skill, kind of like chewing gum and juggling at the same time. Or perhaps just chewing gum.

Whenever I go to church on Sunday, I find ample time to doodle on the backs of bulletins or envelopes. Which is why this doodle, as well as others to come, have text in the background. There is always something goofy or unusual in the beginning of the service that kick-starts my imagination. This particular time, it was the person playing the keyboard for a praise song. They had the keyboard set on a MIDI version of the Pan flute, and I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t supposed to be on that setting. Let me just say that it was ridiculously entertaining to me. I kept picturing this little faun from mythology prancing around playing one of those wind-pipe flutes attempting to woo someone. I didn’t quite finish the drawing, but that’s the beauty of doodles.


Sketchy Spartan

So, I’m currently in the process of packing up my entire house to move across country from Rochester, NY to Portland, OR. In doing so, I was rifling through a pile of papers from a ceramics class back in college and ran across this pen sketch I did for the design process of making a Greek Spartan sculpture. Looking at it, I figured that my influence for the piece was obviously from the movie 300. What surprised me though, when looking at some dated papers from the same class, was that I had made this before the movie was even previewed! Coincidence? I think not. There was obviously an informant in the class…


Do you trust me?

I know, I know… hands are completely cliché in the art world. But, I do have to say that drawing them occasionally is a good challenge and great for keeping those fine motor skills up to par. And if you happen to be bored or in a sketchy mood with nothing interesting to look at, there’s always at least one free hand for you to use as a model. (Note: You may substitute a foot as a model if there happens to be no second hand present.)

PS. This hand I sketched reminds me of Aladdin asking Jasmin onto the magic carpet



Sketched someone a few seats over while attending a lecture about motivation and “finding your voice.” Needless to say, I found his expression very motivating, as well as entertaining… and distracting. What was the lecture about again?