I’m pretty sure that anyone who has some version of a smart phone can agree that Apps are a necessity, specifically games. During tv commercials, taking brakes from work projects, waiting at the DMV, seriously, what did we used to do in any moment of free time before this technology? Oh yeah, usually it was something productive and self-improving… But Apps are just so addicting, entertaining and fun that they “help” me to forget all about my pre-gadget self. So the more Apps the better!

On that note, my most recent projects have still been mostly digital vector drawings. I’m still working on those fiverr gigs, but I’ve actually been working on a number of projects for iPhone games! I’m not exactly going to talk about the games, I’ll leave that to the development company themselves, but I will say that it has been TONS of fun and a great experience creating the graphics and animations. It was more of a challenge than I originally thought it would be mainly because the finished products are much smaller in size than what I’m looking at while working. Once I became used to it, the whole process went swimmingly. Which brings me to my next item, the underwater scene with the goober-eyed puffer fish. This drawing that I did is an intro or loading screen for one of the games. I can’t say much, but in this game, the player is controlling a puffer fish through perilous waters to some ultimate goal. (enlightenment?)

That’s it for now, I’ll definitely let people know what and when the games are due to arrive on the App shelves. Maybe I should get some yoga apps to try and offset my non-productive free time.


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