I’ve been messing around with some more digital painting during the last week, and I’m having way too much fun doing it. I drew a whole bunch of chubby round critters out of pencil a while ago, and I decided to turn them into cartoons. This is the result of my elephant.

The main reason why I started converting my drawings to digital is because I ran across the site It’s a really interesting site where people will do things for others for just $5. Some of the things, or should I say, the majority of the services provided are people willing to say anything you want them to or just to hold up signs of words you gave them. But there are definitely a few gigs that are very cool and worth the $5, they just take some looking around.

And with that, you should probably check out this quality gig i discovered where this swell guy draws cute chubby versions of animals or pets.



  1. Is the swell guy cute and chubby too?

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