Enthusiasm Revisited

I’ve been doing a lot of exploring lately. Trying to figure out exactly what you want to do with the rest of your life can be quite difficult. I figured that I had already learned most of the techniques for fine arts, and getting access to new supplies is pricey. So I decided to finally give digital painting a try! I’ve had a digital pad for a while now and just recently installed Photoshop, what better time than the present?

I have tons of respect for conceptual artists and what they can accomplish. Having only worked with physical materials for my entire life, it was a huge change not being able to mix the paint or feel the canvas. But, I must say, the method of using layers is amazingly simple and very similar to how I paint. So with that aspect going for me, I am very pleased with my first attempt to paint digitally. I decided to paint the sketched portrait of the “enthusiastic” observer I did awhile back.


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