Yet Another Super-hero Movie

I have always been a huge fan of comics and graphic novels. But now that I think about it, I’m not sure if I’ve actually read through an entire comic. Most of my “reading” is done at Barnes & Noble and consists of skimming through the pages looking for cool scenes and drawings. It also consists of constantly looking over my shoulder to see if any employees are en route to my area to scold me.

I was also inspired by some fellow artists who I ran into at the local Drink and Draw in downtown Portland. It’s amazing to see the variety and talent of others in a figure drawing class when not constrained by standards and grades. This one fellow I met was a comic artist and I absolutely couldn’t get enough of his stuff. So I decided to give the graphic style a go and drew this Spider-man with pencil the other day.

On the topic of Spider-man; I went to see the new Planet of the Apes movie and saw a preview for the new Spider-man movie coming out. At first I was all pumped for another sequel, knowing that it had to be better than the last one… seeing as how it couldn’t possibly be worse. But as the preview commenced, I found out that they’re making an entirely new Spider-man movie!? Seriously? Am I that old already? I remember the new Spidey movie being pretty big back in high school. I guess they have to update the franchise for the next generation. Sigh… At least I still appreciate comics, so I’m young at heart. Or maybe immature.


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