It took a couple weeks, but we’re finally “completely” moved in to our new place in Portland, Oregon. It’s definitely going to be a long time until we do the whole cross-country thing again.

So I’ve quickly discovered that this city has a ton more to offer in the arts than Rochester did. I’m not trash-talking the Roc, but it helps that Portland’s a bigger city as well as the hipster capital of the world.

I also discovered the amazingness of the website, You can find other people in your community who want to get together and pretty much do anything you can think of. And if you can’t find that group of croquet enthusiasts, you can always make your own and hope others join.

This particular figure study was done at a drink n’ draw meet-up group at a pub in downtown. They have models come in and do poses for about two hours every Monday, with no fee! Well.. since it’s held in a place of business, it’s usually expected of you to at least get some strawberry cordial or some vittles. Can’t wait to find some more of these groups in town.




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