Sunday Scribbling

I consider myself to be a good listener. At least I prided myself as one throughout all of my school years and “riveting” lectures. My secret for being able to sit through almost anything and still walk out having benefited is… doodling. Yes, as long as I have something that writes and anything to write on, I can doodle away the time and still listen intently. I’m guessing it’s a learned skill, kind of like chewing gum and juggling at the same time. Or perhaps just chewing gum.

Whenever I go to church on Sunday, I find ample time to doodle on the backs of bulletins or envelopes. Which is why this doodle, as well as others to come, have text in the background. There is always something goofy or unusual in the beginning of the service that kick-starts my imagination. This particular time, it was the person playing the keyboard for a praise song. They had the keyboard set on a MIDI version of the Pan flute, and I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t supposed to be on that setting. Let me just say that it was ridiculously entertaining to me. I kept picturing this little faun from mythology prancing around playing one of those wind-pipe flutes attempting to woo someone. I didn’t quite finish the drawing, but that’s the beauty of doodles.


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