New Series Ideas. Progress?

I have decided.  My new series is based on another well-known tale from history. This time I’m focusing on the Japanese story of Kesa Gozen and Endo Morito. My inspiration for making this series was greatly influenced by my brother John Resig and his love of Japanese woodblock prints. I myself, have always been amazed at the talent, patience and dedication needed to create just a single work. Maybe someday I’ll give it a try.

This base painting is for the the first in the series. It depicts the two “forbidden lovers” together. I like to imagine that they are just standing in silence because they both know that there is no future for their relationship. Kind of like one of those transitional scenes in a soap opera, with the music and intense looks.



  1. […] moving out to Portland, I had started a new series based on some old woodblock prints. It’s been a very slow process getting back into the swing […]

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